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Laws and Regulations
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Circular of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, on Issuing the First Allocation Plan of 21 Kinds of Textile Exported 2005-12-14
Announcement No.103, 2005 on Releasing the List of Textile Products Subject to Interim Administration to be Exported to the EU 2005-12-12
Circular of NDRC, MOF, MOFCOM, MLR, GAC, SAT, SEPA on Related Measures to Control the Exportation of Parts of High Energy-consuming Products 2005-12-09
Circular of the Ministry of Commerce on Releasing Export Quotas for Commodities of Cocoon Fiber Silk for the Year of 2006 2005-12-07
Circular of Ministry of Commerce on Applicable Amount of Textiles of 21 Categories for the First Time in 2006 2005-12-02
Ministry of Commerce Circular on the First Distribution Plan in 2006 on 10 Categories of Textiles Exported to EU by the Nationwide Operators 2005-11-30
Announcement No. 55, 2005 of the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China 2005-11-16
Circular On Relevant Issues Concerning the Adjustment of the Commodities Subject to Import & Export Quota Licenses Administration for Foreig 2005-10-27
Ministry of Commerce Announcement No.66, 2005 on Investigation of Butanols Anti-dumping Registration 2005-10-14
Ministry of Commerce Announcement No.61, 2005 on Anti-dumping Interim Review Decision on Imported Pyrocatechol 2005-10-14
Announcement of the Ministry of Agriculture [2005] No. 552 2005-10-11
Notice on Relevant Issues concerning the Introduction of the New Edition of Import License for Solid Wastes that Can Be Used as Raw Material 2005-10-08
Total Import Amount, Distributing Principle and Applying Procedures of Tariff Quota of Chemical Fertilizer in 2006 2005-09-29
Ministry of Commerce Announcement No.46, 2005 on Preliminary Arbitration on Dimethyl Cyclosiloxane (Cyclic Dimethyl Siloxane) 2005-09-29
Detailed Rules for Applying and Distributing Import Tariff Quota of Sugar 2005-09-26
Detailed Rules for Implementing the management of Import Tariff Quota of Wool and Woolen Sliver 2005-09-26
Ministry of Commerce Announcement No. 63, 2005 on National Distribution Gross of 10 Categories of Textile Exported to EU for the First Time 2005-09-21
Ministry of Commerce Announcement No.57 on Preliminary Arbitration on Epichlorohydrin 2005-09-21
Ministry of Commerce Announcement No. 62, 2005 on Non State-run Trade Permissible Import Amount, Distribution Gist and Application Procedure 2005-09-16
Circular of the Ministry of Commerce on Printing and Distributing the Detailed Implementation Rules for Bid Invitation for Textile Export Qu 2005-09-16
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